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Next-Generation Patch for UDE

Year, here it is ... eventually.

It had already become a myth before it was coded!

Patch for what ? For UDE, version 0.2.8.

Errrrr... what is UDE you ask ?
A nice windowmanager for UNIX/Linux:

UDE Homepage: http://udeproject.sourceforge.net/

And what does this great patch ?

First, it just adds lots of handy keyboard shortcuts for handling windows:

CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+LEFT_ARROW   -->   go with active window to previous workspace
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT_ARROW   -->   go with active window to next workspace
CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT_ARROW   -->   send active window to previous workspace
CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT_ARROW   -->   send active window to next workspace
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+UP_ARROW   -->   activate and raise next window
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+DOWN_ARROW   -->   activate and raise previous window
CTRL+ALT+INSERT   -->   activate and raise last-resently-used window
CTRL+ALT+DELETE   -->   close active window
CTRL+ALT+HOME   -->   maximize active window (toggle)
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+HOME   -->   maximize active window vertically (toggle)
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+END   -->   maximize active window horizontally (toggle)
CTRL+ALT+ESCAPE   -->   quit UDE
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+INSERT   -->   make window sticky (toggle)
CTRL+WINDOW+LEFT_ARROW   -->   move window left
CTRL+WINDOW+SHIFT+LEFT_ARROW   -->   move window entirely left
CTRL+WINDOW+RIGHT_ARROW   -->   move window right
CTRL+WINDOW+SHIFT+RIGHT_ARROW   -->   move window entirely right
CTRL+WINDOW+UP_ARROW   -->   move window up
CTRL+WINDOW+SHIFT+UP_ARROW   -->   move window entirely up
CTRL+WINDOW+DOWN_ARROW   -->   move window down
CTRL+WINDOW+SHIFT+DOWN_ARROW   -->   move window entirely down
ALT+WINDOW+LEFT_ARROW   -->   make window narrower
ALT+WINDOW+RIGHT_ARROW   -->   make window wider
ALT+WINDOW+UP_ARROW   -->   make window lower
ALT+WINDOW+DOWN_ARROW   -->   make window higher
ALT+WINDOW+SHIFT+LEFT_ARROW   -->   make window max. wider to the left
ALT+WINDOW+SHIFT+RIGHT_ARROW   -->   make window max. wider to the right
ALT+WINDOW+SHIFT+UP_ARROW   -->   make window max. higher to the top
ALT+WINDOW+SHIFT+DOWN_ARROW   -->   make window max. higher to the bottom

With these shortcuts you can even use UDE with almost full functionality without any mouse at all! (The only thing you wont be able to do is to get back your iconified windows ...)

Second, it improves the focus behaviour (focus new windows, focus another when the active window is closed, ...) and gives you 2 aditional configuration variables:

AlwaysFocusNewWindows = {0|1}
if enabled (1), new windows are focused automatically. Default is 1.
FocusWindowOnMouseEnter = {0|1}
if enabled (1), windows are focused when mouse enters. Default is 1.

You want to launch applications with the keyboard ?
Sorry, not yet implemented. But you can use bbkeys in the meantime for this:

  • install bbkeys
  • create bbkeys config file ~/.bbkeysrc with lines like "KeyToGrab(x), WithModifier(Mod1+Control), WithAction(ExecCommand), DoThis(xterm)"
  • add "bbkeys -i -t &" to your ~/.ude/config/StartScript to start bbkeys automatically in the background

I know, it has become a little bit old-fashioned to use keyboards, but I think thet are still quite usefull, so why not use them ? It's normally much faster and you don't have to look so frequently where you let the little rodent the last time.

If someone would go around and steal all keyboards in the world, I'm sure that 20 % of the users would hardly notice that, but if someone stole the mice instead .... Oh dear ... How many could go on working ??

Isn't it alarming ?

Convinced ?
All right, here we go:

  1. create and change to a temporary direcory (for example /home/scatch/ude_install , you can rm -r it after the installation)
  2. get these 2 files:
    UDE sourc code, version 0.2.8 from the UDE homepage http://udeproject.sourceforge.net/
    	name  : ude-0.2.8.tar.gz
    	size  : 341438 bytes
    	md5sum: f5725eaab463764295b27e6dca1bd565
    Next-Generation Patch, v6
    	name  : ude-0.2.8-ag.6.patch.gz
    	size  : 5630 bytes
    	md5sum: ef8dd3dd643a1bd6a49c47a19c2d31f9
    If you want to apply only the keyboard or focus changes, take one of them instead:
    	name  : ude-0.2.8-ag.6.kbd.patch.gz
    	size  : 4080 bytes
    	md5sum: a4045b08105653ef3bc94cd605988e78
    	name  : ude-0.2.8-ag.6.focus.patch.gz
    	size  : 2192 bytes
    	md5sum: 97323d2625871f034a92ac850877c535
  3. extract ude-0.2.8.tar.gz :

    tar xzf ude-0.2.8.tar.gz

  4. change to the directroy ude-0.2.8/ :

    cd ude-0.2.8

  5. apply the patch :

    zcat ../ude-0.2.8-ag.6.patch.gz | patch -p1

    patching file config/StartScript.in
    patching file config/uwmrc-behaviour.hook
    patching file doc/manual.tex
    patching file uwm/handlers.c
    patching file uwm/init.c
    patching file uwm/init.h
    patching file uwm/uwm.h
    patching file uwm/windows.c
    patching file uwm/windows.h
    patching file uwm/winmenu.c
    patching file uwm/workspaces.c
  6. all right, now install as usually....



    make install

    Of course, you should have a compiler, Xlib and latex2html, you may want to apply configuration options like --prefix=... and it might become necessarry to run "make install" as root, ... For details have a look at the INSTALL* files.
Have fun.

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